I’m Here.

My mission with this blog is simple.

  • Create a little bit of something every day
  • Discuss what I learn about writing and publishing
  • Establish a space where I am, at least in my own mind, a “real author.”

Us writers tend to suffer from that all-too-debilitating Imposter Syndrome. Even after officially publishing my first short story on Amazon a month ago, I continue to doubt my validity as a “real author.”

I could hem and haw about the perceived characteristics of true “author” status all day long, but if you’re a writer, you already know what I’m talking about. Does fame make me an author? Should I publish a certain number of books? Do I wait until I am asked for my first interview? Will I ever, truly, be an author?

I ask these questions often. I know the answers, but they get stuck under my tongue, trapped by an embarrassed fear of over-confidence. I won’t say that I am a real author here. What I will say is this:

I am here, I write, and no one can stop me.


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